Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Can You Find all the Circles?

Hi everyone. I have another page for Art Journal Journey, Rosie's fun theme is circles, and I am making this a one of those "Where's Waldo" hunt pages to see if you can find all the circles/ovals.
It also works for Moo Mania because the theme there is Underwater and mermaids, starfish, shells and anchors are usually found under the water.
My background is made by collage paper scraps and some tape, and then I did a bit of painting (the palm tree) and some drawing,painting and cutting (the mermaid and the hard to see scallop shells) and some die cutting (the chains, anchors and starfish).
So not a long post and also my last post for the week.  My family and I are heading off for an extended weekend in Maine for a little change of scenery, This just might be my summer of visiting one of my favorite states. Or at least my June of visiting Maine. This will be trip number 3 for me as I've been to Rockland, Portland and now about as far downeast as you can go, all the way northeast  to Eastport.
And please keep your fingers crossed that Sunday the weather will be nice and most importantly, the seas are calm. I booked a boat trip out to a puffin nesting island last January (thankfully I jumped on it-the boat trips were sold out for the season by February 1) and if it has to be cancelled, we won't be doing that this year. I had wanted to see some puffins in Iceland last year, and I did manage to see one-though I didn't know it until I got home and zoomed up my photo on Photoshop. I hope I should be able to see thousands of them since they say around 5,000 of the birds nest on this sanctuary island. 
I'm especially excited about that part of the weekend.
So enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend. Hope its a good one. I'll miss being by but hopefully I'll see you on Monday.
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lunch at the Museum

Hi everyone.  Its been a couple of hot and humid days here in New Hampshire. In fact this morning (Monday) we had to leave at 4:30 AM for my husband's appointment back at the hospital in Boston, and it was already 71 degrees F (about 22 degrees C). Its hardly ever that hot so early in the morning here. And that weather brings storms, which is what we've got going on tonight.
But the good news is the hubby now doesn't need to go back to Boston for a month, which means he is doing well after his kidney transplant. :) He was going back every week and then every two weeks.
 I'm writing Monday evening to celebrate  Tuesday which is T day. Time to stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's  blog and to share a drink and maybe some food. We T Gang regulars would love for you to join us too.
For T Day today I have some more photos from the Museum of Art in Portland, Maine which I visited last Tuesday.
Part of the museum is an historic mansion- the McLellan House. It is only recently been refinished and opened up as one area of the  museum. If you look at this photo of the house, you can see the brick building behind it which is the museum proper. You enter the home from the actual museum, not the front door.
The art of architecture- the walls, trim, windows, stairs and other design elements of the house are the art they are showing here.
(Whole house photo is from Wikipedia.)
The front door and main stairs made quite a statement.
And looked cool from underneath too. Pretty interesting how they are free floating.

There were a few pieces of art in the house. I wonder what was in the original framed white space to start with?

I love these antique plates.

 I think this wallpaper is stunning, but I don't think I could live looking at it every day. But it would make cool fabric for a quilt.

The federal style details are wonderful. I liked the few additions they added, like this mirror that could be lighted with candles for evening viewing since this house was built pre-electricity. The Federal style (roughly 1780-1840) grew out of the US now being a new nation and the European style of the time (that went by names like Georgian, Empire,Regency and  Biedermeier) . 

And for T Day, how about this statue?  I see a coffee pot, milk, pancakes, a donut, and a few other yummies?
A view of the neighboring mansion out one of the windows.
And a view out a different window on the opposite side of the building into some of the homes and business in downtown Portland.
And lastly, I needed a drink and  some lunch-especially with a 1:30 appointment. I had to go talk financial planning for retirement.  Eeks. Sounds a little daunting to me still. So I went down to the museum cafe and had a little lunch.
So I had this chicken salad wrap with chips  (I believe they are crisps in Britain? If not, please let me know)  and a ice tea/lemonade 1/2 and 1/2 drink. Perfect for a very hot day even in an air conditioned art museum.
Got my body and brain in perfect mode to go  to my meeting. :)
Hope you stop by Elizabeth's blog to see what the T Gang has been up too.
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fishies and Stars

Happy Friday everyone.
I'm going for a short post today since I've got an agenda for the day. Since its a rainy Friday I have errands to run and I need to pop into school to put my things away so I can find them when school begins at the end of August. The kids and teachers still have one more week left before their summer vacation beings, but I am not going back in after today and whatever is left my sub can do. Which should be clean up his things and put away the textbooks.
Plus there is a little get together for one of my department teachers who is leaving after this year winds up, so I want to go and say goodbye.
So I am trying to push some more artist boundaries this summer and knock myself out of my art routine a bit. One thing I have in my head is to make some journals. So I've been working on the outer covers for 2 new journals right now. Neither is finished but thought I would give you a peak.
 This top one with the fish is going to be an ocean themed journal and this bottom one with the stars is going to be a night/ space themed book.
Since the theme at Moo Mania is Underwater, I am linking up as that is where you find fish. :) I was thinking maybe I should wait until the cover is finished, but then if I get distracted, which I most likely will, I might miss the link up. So there you go. I don't think I am going to add a lot to the front of this cover because I think those wooden fish (which came off some old mobile I had years ago and just needed a little paint and sprucing up) make the front of this book pretty complete. I do have binding plans though, and will show you the finished cover someday soon.
This is all for me today. Time is getting on.  
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tags and Surprises

Hi everyone. My question today (as it is many days) is "Where is this week going to?"
Yesterday (Wednesday)  I was home all day and finished going through and sorting out my craft books, which is my project of the week. I cleaned out about 1/3 of them, which made lots of space for new books. Or not. :)
I also made a tag for Tag Tuesday. The latest challenge is texture.
I started by covering a tag with some white burlap. Then I dropped some green and blue alcohol ink onto it and rubbed it with a baby wipe.  Once it all dried, I stapled a piece of twine and also this lock shaped long armed pin. And I added the little palm tree charm.
And my garden is starting to look rich and summery.
 The lupines are in bloom and today I noticed the first of the rose buds had opened up.
 And my irises are looking amazing.
Of course in my big garden the weeds are taller than the flowers. :)
And I have a few more photos from my visit to the Portland Museum of Art on Tuesday.
 This piece was called porch cushion. I thought it really was a cushion, until I read the plaque about it which explained it was made from wood. It did look real.  I'm not saying it isn't really well done and it took talent to make, but I don't get what makes it museum quality. I guess I don't know enough about modern art to understand it.
 And the museum had a couple of Juan Miro paintings.
 As well as this interesting Magritte.
 This was a cool wall covered in sheets of music and painted.
 And finally they had this Mary Cassatt piece. She is a famous American painter who specialized in women and children. I particularly like the background.
I'm not sure if this is considered a finished piece or not.
Anyhow, hopefully you enjoyed the views.
And I'm glad you stopped by and visited.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All Kinds of Art

So I have lots of art to show you today. Let me start with my latest piece for Art Journal Journey.
This month Rosie's fun theme is circles. 
I stenciled the moth with paint and then doodled in the circles. I fussy cut it out of the pink paper it was on and stitched it (pretty messily) onto my painted background. Then I added the lace and the circle tag.
And since its a lunar moth, I wrote in "By the Light of the Moon". And at night, you need stars too.:) Can't forget those stars otherwise its an awful dull sky.

So I also went and visited another art museum. I had an appointment in Portland, Maine and had originally decided I would head over early and go play with my new camera lens out at some lighthouses nearby. But with the high heat, that sounded like too much work, So instead I decided to visit the Portland Museum of Art.
The hubby was back at work so he didn't have to go through the  torture of going with me this time. (LOL)
It was about time I went back for a visit since I hadn't been there in at least 10-12 years.
The Portland Art Museum is a wonderful place with  Maine related art and a few Renoir's, Monet's, Miro's and other big art names. It has an eclectic collection. Its not too big, so that it makes it easy to see the whole museum without getting overwhelmed.
I had an enjoyable visit, and thought today  I would share a few photos of some animal art I saw. 
I'm a sucker for animal art.

Since I love animals I really enjoyed this exhibit called Menagerie. Hope you enjoyed these peeks also.
And thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Puritan Backroom

Happy Tuesday everyone. Another T Day has arrived. Its another hot T day here in New Hampshire. Yesterday my car thermometer said it was 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius).
Yup, feels like summer.
So this week I am going to take you to a historic landmark restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire called the Puritan Backroom.
I had never been here before but it was on my bucket list of places to eat. My husband had eaten here several times and he always raved about the chicken fingers. In fact, this restaurant is always picked as the number one best place to have chicken fingers in New Hampshire.
When I asked why we never went there he told me that I didn't like chicken fingers. I gave him a confused look and said I do like chicken fingers, just not processed ones, but give me some made with real big pieces of chicken, and I will eat them.
This is the restaurant that claims to have invented chicken fingers.
So last week when I went to get my new camera lens in Manchester, he took me there for dinner.

This restaurant is part of the city's cultural history. Manchester, New Hampshire was a planned city back in the early 1800's when many textile mills were built there. The mills attracted lots of European immigrants and also French Canadians. Some of the new residents were Greeks, and in 1917 two Greek gentlemen opened the first Puritan Restaurant.
Since then my state has come to have the first presidential primary in the US. Because of that we get all the potential candidates visiting out little state. One of the places they always go to (and campaign in) is the Puritan Backroom because Manchester is the largest city in our state. Right now we aren't yet in presidential campaign season so there wasn't anyone candidates shaking hands, but there was a pretty much full house of people there for dinner.
So let me show you my dinner.
 The chicken finger meal came with a Greek salad and some pita bread. My husband switched his Greek salad for coleslaw but wished he'd stuck with salad because mine looked so good.
 And that day I ordered a diet coke to have with my meal.
And here's my chicken fingers (and mashed potatoes). I had half of them regular style and the other half with the coconut coating. The fingers came with dipping sauce too.
There was so many of these that I brought more than half of them home and my husband and I split them for lunch the next day.
OK, as I write I am making myself hungry.
And  I already had my dinner!
So stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog and see what the T Gang has been eating and drinking. And better yet, join us with the T in your life.
Think I've babbled on enough.
Hope its a great T day everyone.

Time Flies and Its Monday

Happy new week everyone. The heat has arrived here to New Hampshire. Yup, its really summer. :)
 I don't mind the heat as long as there is some air moving or the humidity isn't too high. Yesterday was warm but with the breeze it felt like a really nice summer day. We will see what happens today because they say it will be more humid.
But I'm not complaining because at least with the AC if its really bad outside I can head inside and make a little art.:)
So today I have a journal page with a circle and a mechanical theme. I am linking up to both Art Journal Journey where Rosie's theme is circles and Try It On Tuesday where the latest theme is Steampunk/Mechanical.
I had this gelli printed page with circles, which I then stamped circle shaped clocks, as well as adding this alarm clock image which I stamped on blue paper, fussy cut and then used some crackle glue to make it looks old and show the passage of time. I also stamped the quote as well as the days of the week and the word Time. Finally I added the little copper Roman numerals and the die cut gears.
You still have a week to participate over at TIOT so come on over and play along.
So did anyone do anything exciting this past weekend? The hubby and I went to see Wonder Woman at the movies Saturday night. I enjoyed it and  thought it was pretty entertaining film.  Yesterday we went and spent the afternoon with his family on the dock at his mother's house. She lives on a small pond, and it was a nice way to enjoy the afternoon. My niece bought one of those stand up paddle boards, and she decided to take my dog for a little ride, even though she didn't stand up on it while Maddie was riding with her.

   And now it is Monday and a new week is beginning. The hubby is going back to work today, at least part time. So now my week will be a little bit quieter than the last month when he was home (and recovering) with me.
Hope everyone has a fantastic start to your week.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garden Critters

This post is a little photo heavy. If you aren't an animal person you might not enjoy these snapshots.
I was playing in my yard and garden yesterday. I've been wanting a  zoom lens for my camera for a long time time and I finally broke down and bought one this past week.
I am really happy with it. 

I'm still in learning mode.

Good thing its June and there are lots of critters to take photos of. If I keep at it I will see many other visitors to my garden also. 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.