Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

Sitting here relaxing. It's Sunday evening and another weekend is almost over. As usual the weekend flew by, but at least this week at school should be more "normal" since spirit week is over. However it is the last full week before quarter exams which means I need to push those kids so we can finish up the work needed for exams. 
Well, at least I will try. :)
Yesterday I met my daughter, and we went to visit my mom. She recently turned 88 and we went to have a little birthday celebration visit.
Mom commented how the 3 of us have the same smiles.  And that we do.
On the way home we did some shopping. Next weekend is the hubby's birthday and we went on an expedition to find him a couple of gifts. We had success too!
Today was another beautiful day when I took the dogs out for our morning walk. I also enjoyed the colors of fall.

And I noticed this tree had been cut by a beaver. That might be the dam to the right, and next walk I am going to take a better look. I've walked by this little swamp many times and never noticed the tree (maybe the leaves blocked it).  I wonder if it's recently been gnawed down.

And after a very long and productive play time with paints and some coasters, I relaxed with my latest book and this book of cookies.
Oh yes, they are back! Last year I devoured about 5 boxes over the course of the fall pumpkin cookie season. I ate way too many out of this box too.
And I did finish up a tag I started for Tag Tuesday. The latest challenge is Autumn/Halloween.
I am all about Halloween art lately. I think it's the one time of year I can let go and just let the little bit of dark side out. ( You may have figured out I am NOT a dark person. My dark side art isn't even very dark if you  haven't noticed.) 
So the weekend is ending with  the Outlander tv show overlapping with the Patriots football game. Such conflicts mean there is only one outcome.  Seeing the hubby is a huge football fan and also has become a  Outlander fan, (but not as big a fan as he for football), Outlander will have to be recorded and wait until tomorrow night.
Sigh The reunion of Claire and Jaime will have to wait for me.
Happy new week everyone. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Friday, October 20, 2017


 Hi everyone. The weekend has begun!  And if you stop by frequently you might remember it was a crazy week at my school; we call it spirit week, and it is now officially over. It is fun to see the kids dress up but I find it hard work to put together my own spirited outfits everyday. I am ready to go back to "normal" clothes. Ha-ha! Today was the pep rally which is something I don't like  as there is way too much screaming and noise.  But the kids love it,  and I can handle it since it's the only one we have all year. 
Next week is back to real school days but first a couple of recharge days! Big smile on my face! I'm meeting up with my daughter to go visit my Mom tomorrow. Looking forward to that day out with her and also the company she will be on the drive.
And tonight I have another Halloween page for you. I've been having a lot of fun playing with my spooky supplies.

This page began with a cool sugar skull napkin that became the background. Then I added the painted flower skin which I made by painting on Yupo paper and then adding gloss soft gel. Once dry, the painting peels off and you can attach it to other pieces of art.  I also added some black heart die cuts (that I outlined) and finally a couple of paper ephemera pieces that I had.
I am linking my page up to a triplet of sites. First link is to Elke's challenge at Art Journal Journey where the theme is Landscapes of the Soul. And second of all I am linking up to Try It On Tuesday where the theme for a few more days is Halloween. And finally I am linking up to Moo Mania where the theme is also Halloween.

Happy start to your weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beautiful Days

 The days have been beautiful here again. After a chilly spell the warmth is back and the days are fall warm. What's fall warm you ask? Low 70's, sunshine, no humidity. My perfect weather. 
Yesterday I came home from work and took  walk trying to squeeze in the late day sunshine. Boy it seems to get dark so early. (And when the clocks change it will just be dark when I get home from work I think.)
The woods had a yellow glow.
The bees were so busy getting the last of the pollen on these daisy shaped chrysanthemums they didn't even notice me. No buzzing, just gathering pollen. 

 And the hydrangeas have new flowers. They are so blue.
 And even the roses are blooming one last time.

 I'm a couple of days behind in my calendar journal.
But I did make a fun little Halloween spread for this week.
Hope you're having some beautiful weather in your world. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi everyone. It's Wednesday here, but I wish it was Friday. This week is Spirit Week at school and every day has a different theme. The kids dress up in assorted pieces of clothing. For some reason to-tos are popular are as capes.  They also paint their faces with lots of dots and streaks like war paint. Today the theme is Throwback Day. I think I will pass getting dressed up today, although the hubby has suggested I wear  jeans and a sweatshirt from my university. Then I can say I am doing a throwback to my college years. I will say that the kids are very involved this year, more than most years, but they are also very spirited. By Friday they will be plain old nuts. Especially since we have a pep rally Friday afternoon.
I have a Halloween journal page for you today.
I first stenciled some clear molding paste onto the book pages. Once dried, I added some paint washes. Then I made a little pocket from the bingo card, as well as adding some stickers and die cuts.
I am linking up to the Halloween challenge at Try It On Tuesday.
And in the pocket is this Halloween tag which I am going to link up to the latest challenge at Tag Tuesday.
She looks like I feel at the end of a day at school during this spirit week. (Ha-ha).
And I see Moo Mania is also doing Halloween right now, so I will join them also.
I am also going to link my journal page up to Elke's theme over at Art Journal Journey, Landscapes of the Soul.
Wow! That's 4 link ups for this spread. I think that's a record for me. :)
It's not as cold this morning as yesterday was, but it's still chilly. Mother Nature is letting us know it will eventually get cold. Oh my. But I must say it is nice sleeping at night when I can pull the blankets up to my neck. :)
Enjoy your day.

Monday, October 16, 2017

This Week T Stands for a Margarita

Happy T Day ladies and any gentleman who happens to stop by also. It is another Tuesday already, which means it time to  link up a drink post over at    Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog. Tuesday is T Day after all.

Last Friday night the hubby and I needed to go to the grocery store, and we decided to go get some dinner before we shopped.
I'd been wanting a taco salad all week, so you can guess what we went for.
Mexican of course.
And it was Friday, the end of a busy workweek, so I thought a nice big drink would taste good.
 I'm always game for a margarita. The hubby liked that idea too. At La Carona, the restaurant we visited, they make really nice margaritas. But I can only drink one. That's my limit.

And my salad really hit the spot too, even if I did eat more of the high calorie shell than I should have. The hubby doesn't eat  guacamole so I got double because he gave me his. :)
Good thing I had just a small tub of yogurt for lunch.

And I wonder if you might remember this journal page I made back in July when Elizabeth hosted Art Journal Journey. Her theme was Summer Loving.
Here's the original link: Fresh Fruits and Veggies.
Anyhow, at the time I said I though this design would make a great fabric, and many of you agreed. Then CJ mentioned it would make a great pattern for kitchen curtains.
So one of my summer projects was recreating the design on fabric.

I decided to hand paint fruits and veggies on 2 pieces of white cotton fabric that was in my  stash and were just the right size for making a valence.
I stamped the words with some waterproof ink.
And this past weekend I had Saturday afternoon all to myself, so I finally sat down at the sewing machine and did a bit of stitching. The sun streamed in the windows, the only noise was the sound of the machine in its regular rhythmic pattern, straight line stitching was easy and relaxing. 
Not sure which photo give you the best view, so here's my new kitchen valence.

I even added a bit of lace I had in my stash. Total curtain cost was $0.00.
I am happy with the results.
Thanks CJ for the kitchen curtain idea.
That's all for me today.
And thanks to all of you for stopping by and visiting my blog today.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It Was a Beautiful Saturday

Hi everyone. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Warm enough for shorts and T shirts but no humidity. After a morning walk I did some fall yard work. And I enjoyed every  minute of being out in the sunshine too.
So I wanted to share one more tag with the latest Tag Tuesday challenge which is All Creatures Great and Small. I had a tag almost finished and figured I better do it yesterday or it wouldn't get done in time.
The printed background is some clear sticker paper that I ran through my printer and printed out a photo of a Gelli print I had made at one time. I love how I could create a background with it and how the uncolored areas let you peek at the tagstock.
The bird is a stamped image that I then outlined with with Sharpie and painted. The quote isn't very clear in the photo, but I love how it came out since I stamped it twice-once in white and once in black.
I hope everyone is having or will have a fantastic rest of their weekend. 
Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Spooky House

Happy Saturday. I've got no big plans for the weekend but I love that. It means the time is open to lots of interpretations. 
So I am showing you another Halloween page  today.
I started with a piece of watercolor paper  that I was trying to do a picture transfer onto. The transfer didn't much work, but it did leave a slightly more yellow orange spot. I thought that would work like an abstract moon spot on the page and I lightly sprayed the background with blue inks.
I used a sepia colored photo of  New York City to die cut my spooky house. I think it is my favorite part of the page.  I stamped the bats except for the big one on the top which was a piece from my stash.. 
And I decided to outline the page with some brown paint, a darker brown crayon and some little yellow sticker dots.
Oh yes and the big spooky scary ghost.
I am linking up to Try It On Tuesday which is having a Halloween challenge right now.
And last post I showed you some fall colors, and here's a few more photos I took at the same time.

Hope you're having a great Saturday.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Too Much Going on in My Head

Hi everyone.  
Here's a journal page for Elke's theme over at Art Journal Journey. This month we are creating pages all about Landscapes of the Soul. I saw this head in the back of a magazine at work. It was in an ad for financial planning, but when I saw it I immediately thought of this challenge, so I snagged the magazine and brought it home.  Hopefully no one is looking for this issue. :)
I added the creativity takes courage quote piece because it easy for life to take over and eat up creative play time.  I'll speak for myself at least. But I do like the big idea lightbulb in the center of his head. 
Today (Thursday) is my Mom's 88th birthday. She told me the other day she doesn't celebrate anymore. At 88,  I think she has even more reasons to celebrate, but there's no telling her that. :) I am hoping to go visit her this weekend since she's a couple of hours away from where I live.
And as the temperatures cool  off and it feels more like fall, our leaves are really peaking with their colors right now. It's so pretty. I took these photos of this little river I go by every day when I leave my house. 

  They say there's a good chance for a frost tonight. It seems to weird to write that (even though we had a little bit one night already) because we've gone in and out of these hot spells all fall. But today was really crisp. Maybe fall has arrived for real.
And it's almost Friday. This week has flown by for me, but I'm always ready for it to be the weekend. I felt all day like I am fighting a cold (ugh) so I am ready for some down time to try to fight this virus (although I still have to work tomorrow) and hopefully this weekend I can do some more of my clothes switch over. Last weekend I brought everything out, and now I need to finish washing and putting everything away. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween on My Mind

Hi everyone. Short post today since I only have a little time before I need to get ready and out the door for work.
I like to play around with Halloween images in my Giant Halloween Journal that I have been working on for several years now. One of these days I will fill it up, but it is fun to see year to year where my style is.
So Try It On Tuesdays new theme is Halloween, and I recently made this collage page in my journal. I figured I might as well link up.
I started by stenciling the spider webs. The blue streaks are actually pieces of  a skin I recently was playing around with. In this photo they look pretty flat but on the page they are shiny and really stand out.  Then I added this foam spider web that came from a little package I picked up at a local crafts store. I drew, painted and decorated the big spider. The vulture is a die cut that I had in my stash; they eyes are stamped on white tissue and then finally I added the spider and the poison word stickers.
We're starting to cool down today and feel more like October is suppose to be. I'm excited. Yesterday it was hot and humid and it was a touch day at work. No one wanted to do anything. Hopefully the kids will have a little more ambition today. Me too!
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, October 9, 2017

T Stands for the Weekend Wrap Up

It has been a  grey and  rainy weekend here in my world, but still, it was a good long weekend. Here in the US it was the long Columbus weekend, although lots of people did not have the Monday holiday off. I also want to wish a slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.
 The one chore I  managed to get done was to pull most of my winter things out of the attic. It's still  a bit warm for them,but I'm guessing it is going to suddenly get cold. It is October after all.  That was the one job on my weekend to do list so I am glad to have it started. :)
Sunday we had a wedding 2 hours away in Maine. I was hesitant about going, but glad we did as it was one of the nicest weddings I have attended.  We drove through lots of little towns and lots of miles of leaves which were starting to turn.

 And although it was raining when we left the house, the sun managed to peak out for ceremony. 
The couple got married under a covered bridge.
 The river ran underneath the bridge and you could hear it during the ceremony.

 And on our way to the big event, we passed this Maine roadside landmark. I've always wanted to see it, don't ask me why, but I think it's a cool sign. These are all Maine towns but it sure is a global smorgasbord.
And I managed to have lots of good art time.
I made a tag for Tag Tuesday's latest challenge "All Creatures Great and Small".
No, you're not seeing double either.  I stamped the quote twice in two colors.

And lastly, I can't forget it is time for T. After all that I need a good cuppa to relax and get ready for another work week.

A cup of tea and my knitting. Finally the season to knit some more colorful Christmas stockings. 
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T Gang has been up to.
And hope its a happy T day.