Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Was

I spend the second day of my vacation cleaning out the screen porch and getting it set up for the season.  The floor needed to be swept and vacuumed and then washed. The furniture needed a wiping down. 
It was a gorgeous day with perfect temperatures and lots of sun and every now and then I had to stop and go soak up some of that sun and read a while. 
Its too early to move plants out there but its still looking good and I'm excited to have it ready to use.
It means the good weather is a coming.
The only art I did all weekend was a couple of pages in my drawing journal.
One more outside work day tomorrow before the rain comes and my week changes directions. 
The kidney transplant doctors decided at the last minute my husband needs one more test. Its scaring me. If this test fails, then there can't be a transplant. Tuesday we go down to Boston and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, everything goes in my husband's favor. Kind of mad these doctors couldn't do this two months ago before they even sent him a letter saying everything was all approved and we have set up so many pieces to this ordeal. 
I could say a lot more about this, but it will just me negative and down., since there's nothing I can do about any of it right now.
So, I am going to focus on doing some more yard work tomorrow and maybe even finding some art time too. :)
Have a great start to your week everyone. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Recap

Its Saturday evening. It was a damp and raw day here in New Hampshire  I started off my day with a walk and then moved onto some yard chores. 
I think that was a good way to spend  part of Earth Day. 

One of the things we did was unloaded all the yard furniture out of the screen porch and then the hubby took the plastic off of it. When I'm home this upcoming week I am going to give it a good cleaning and then set it up to use on those nice spring days.

Luckily we got the yard work done before it started to drizzle, I spent the afternoon cleaning out some clothes.
Before I took a nap.
Not a bad Saturday.
And here's a page for Hazel's awesome challenge at Art Journal Journey. Magical Mystery Tour  is the theme and I think swimming under the sea is certainly a magical tour. And what you'll come across is surely a mystery. 
Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate it!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

Friday, April 21, 2017


I woke up listening to the rain falling this morning. Sometimes that is a wonderful sound. Like today. I know when the sun comes out it will help bring on the green. :)
Plus the day before vacation, it MIGHT keep the kids calmer as they'll be half asleep.
Or at least I can hope. :)
Thought I would send all you wonderful readers in blogland a little spring bouquet. today.  I don't know what the Asian letters say, but hopefully its something kind and wonderful.
Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Art Inspiration

So I recently read a book about Vincent Van Gogh.
This is the story about Vincent Van Gogh and (mostly) about his life in Arles, France. Van Gogh moved to Arles towards the end of his short life and besides creating many of his most famous paintings, he tried to create an artist colony. Paul Gauguin was the only artist he attracted, and that did not last very long.
But this book is also the story of Bernadette Murphy and how she discovered the actual story of the famous cutting off his ear story. It was a fascinating piece of detective work, and the author's style was quite readable. I really enjoyed this book.
Besides reading, I have also been doing some stash cleaning lately, doing a little here and a little there. To my surprise, I came across a couple of Van Gogh stickers that I had bought several years ago the Art Institute in Chicago and forgotten I had.  What a great art museum that place is, but I won't get off track.
So I decided to use those stickers to make  a page in my calendar journal.
I stamped the sunflower, painted it and added it to my page, and then I wrote in a Van Gogh quote.  
No fancy backgrounds, but I still am happy with the page. 
So we're getting closer to the weekend. The weeks been flying by but it always seems to slow down right before a vacation begins. We shall see.
Hope everyone has a fantastic day-and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 Old news for many of you, but  my crocuses are finally blooming.
Its so exciting!

I've seen some early daffodils blooming around my world, but mine haven't blossomed yet. Yet the buds are getting very large with just a tinge of yellow so I know it will be soon.
So I have another page for Hazel's challenge over at Art Journal Journey.  This month its a Magical Mystery Tour, and I think this man (on my page) looks a little magical and very much a mystery, especially since he managed to put a butterfly on a leash.
I bought a package of Liquitex paint markers recently. I found them on a markdown table at 40% off so I thought I would try them, since I had never used a artist quality paint marker before. The tulips in the background are made with me playing with them. The gentleman is a TH image and I made the butterfly myself with some doodling, stamping and a little bit of paint.
Rain is due here today, but the week is flying right by. Its getting closer to my spring break. That's as exciting as the flowers starting to bloom.
Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 17, 2017

T is for Delicious World Food

 Happy T day everyone. Its Tuesday again and that means its time to visit   Elizabeth's blog   and see what all the T Gang members have been eating and drinking lately.

So last Tuesday I went with one of my teacher friends out for a late lunch after school. She couldn't believe I had never been to this restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called Street 360. Its specializes in world street food.
It was a gorgeous afternoon so we went and sat outside in the little patio area which you can see off to the left of this photo. I didn't know what to order as so many items on the menu looked good.  I finally settled on this giant Korean dish called Bibimbop.
It was HUGE, (big enough to bring some for lunch to work for 2 more days) but so delicious. It was made with sticky rice, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, carrots, bean sprouts, some spring onions, sesame seeds and a fried egg. You had your choice of protein and I choice Korean marinaded steak.
These photos all come from the restaurants web site as I was so busy chatting with my friend I forgot to take any photos. This is the link up : Street 360.
My drink of choice was a diet coke.
I'm not sure borrowing all these photos is in correct form but I wanted to share this yummy meal with you. 
I want to go back and have it again sometime. Next time won't you join me and I will remember (I hope) to  take some actual photos. :)
Happy T day.

A New Week

Hi everyone. Its Monday already after a busy weekend. Between the nice weather and the list of things that we must get done before surgery, the hubby and I spent the weekend doing too much. I raked a lot of my yard and gardens, until the wind got to be a bit too much, and we went out and picked up at the store some flooring as our bathroom floor is crumbling so badly it is getting dangerous.  Maybe we'll install it before surgery, or at least that is the plan. Plus we still needed to carry all our Christmas decorations into the attic and do our federal taxes, but now those chores are also done.  :)  Feels good to check those off the list!
Plus a friend of mine from North Carolina was around at the beginning of weekend. So my weekend had some fun too.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter too if you celebrate. We had a nice dinner at home and kept it low key, even though we were invited to eat with some of my husband's family, we decided we would take advantage of the beautiful weather.
Oh yes, and we have a more definitive surgery date, May 9, which isn't very far away. Hopefully none of our pre-op checkups won't change that.
So its back to work today, but its the last week before my spring break. As long as nothing throws off the surgery, I only have 2 more weeks of work for this school year.
I think. 😸
So today I have a journal page for Art Journal Journey. This month Hazel is our lovely hostess with this fun theme of Magical Mystery Tour.  I think life is a mystery as we never seem to end up where we think we will. That''s the magic of it.:) 

I used some Infusions to create my red background. Then I painted the roses, stamped and colored the feathers, added the transparency from an old sheet in my stash, and finally added the quote which I cut out of an old Flow magazine.
Yesterday it was summery hot, but we're cooling off this week. Back to spring. As long as it not back to winter.
Hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

Hi everyone. Here's an Easter page from my calendar journal.  The background paper didn't hold up when I glued down the basket, and the wrinkles really shows up in the photo. 😞
The bunny on the right is hopping quickly to get over to the basket because he's got to go hide those eggs before the holiday is over. I tried to hide the mess with some  clear glitter which of course doesn't show up at all in the photo.
I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter (if you celebrate). Hope its a wonderful spring day for everyone in the northern hemisphere, and a wonderful fall day for everyone in the southern hemisphere.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hi everyone.
Today I have a page for Try It On Tuesday.  The newest theme is add a quote. I've got a stack of journal pages with painted flowers, as its been my obsession lately. Some of them have quotes, like this one.
My background is a Gelli printed page (time to make some more, my stash is about gone), and I used acrylic paints and some Distress crayons to make my flowers. 
So speaking of flowers- I looked out one of my back windows yesterday and saw the little tips of some crocuses popping up. I painted a whole thick row of bulbs last fall, and now there are tips of green in that spot. :) Maybe by later today there will be a bit of color. 
I am ready for that.
Hope everyone had a wonderful day,
and thanks for visiting.  I appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hi everyone. The last couple of days have been like summer and all signs of the snow  we got a couple of weeks ago are gone. :)
Today it is going to cool off and rain. But I think spring has really arrived here in New Hampshire, so its OK to rain since April showers bring May flowers, as the cliche goes.
So today I have a page for Moo Mania. The latest challenge is Egypt. It was a lot of fun to make a page out of my ordinary.
I am also linking up to Art Journal Journey. This month Hazel is hosting and her fun theme is Magical Mystery Tour. I think traveling back to Ancient Egypt would would a really magic tour.
My page is made with some Paper Artsy Infusions, a bunch of stamped images and then the Anubis figure cut out of an Egyptian playing card.
Today is the last day of third quarter at school. 3/4 of the way through the year. Its always exciting to get to this point of the year-with the arrival of spring and summer lurking just a few months away.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

T is for a Trip Back to the Diner

Happy Tuesday ladies (and any gentlemen who stop by). Its time for T for Tuesday again. Stop by   Elizabeth's blog and join us with any drink (and food included if you'd like) post and see what the T gang has been up to.
Last Tuesday I needed to go to Manchester (New Hampshire) to the airport so I could pick up a friend who was flying home. Since her flight arrived around 5:30 in the evening, we needed to stop and have dinner before driving the hour home from Manchester. The  Airport Diner seemed the perfect place since it is near the airport, has good food, isn't expensive and is relatively quick too.
 You might remember this place from a T Day post a couple of weeks ago,
Tuesday is Meatloaf Day.
Here's a little different view from the last time I showed you this place.
 I did not have an alcoholic drink but I got a kick out the names of some of them. MHT is the airport code for Manchster, the 157th is the Air Force refueling group at the airport in Portsmouth,NH (about an hour away),  Grenier refers to the former Air Force Base in Manchester, and the p-47 was a World War II bomber plane made here in the US and then later sent to England. I learned a few things myself studying this list and then looking up what some of these were.
So let's get to my T drink and meal.
Comfort food for me. I had a yummy turkey pot pie (as it was a cool and rainy night). I think it was the best one I ever had with lots of veggies, big turkey chunks and not a lot of gravy filler.
And my drink of choice was water.
I think my bill came to $12.99-or maybe it was $10.99. My friend Vicky bought me dinner since I drove down to get her. I gracefully accepted.
Stop by and see what other T Gang members are eating and drinking. Hopefully Elizabeth is getting the bugs worked out her blog as Blogger seems to be having some issues for some people lately. I will admit, I can't get anything to open when I click on her page, nor is Mr. Linky letting me link up this post.  I've tried using both Google and Internet Explorer. So if I don't make it into the list, I am there in spirit and here is my post.
Hope its a great Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Oh Gorgeous Sunday

A new week. Wow. We're already at the 10th of the month. Time is flying.
Sunday was a gorgeous spring day and finally the mud has dried up so my daughter, myself and the dogs finally got out for a walk on my road.
 A lot, but not all of the snow is gone. There's a little brook near the road and the water is just pouring down it from all the melt.
 No one was at the sugar shack making maple syrup when we walked by, but you can tell by tracks in the mud they had been in cooking down some sap at some point.
Later in the afternoon we went out for little drive to Lake Winnipesaukee, the biggest lake near us, to see if the ice was out in Alton Bay.
 Not quite.
 But an ice cream stand was open.
First walk of the season, first ice cream of the season. I even sat outside on the deck and read for a little while.
Its officially spring when the phoebe's arrive to their nest up under the eaves of my husband's shop. Yesterday they were back.:) 
I found a little time and did a little doodling in my latest drawing journal. Time to start one for the spring and summer.
But that was all the art I did this weekend. 
It was just too nice outside.
Hope you had some beautiful spring weather and enjoyed your weekend too.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Little Windy, but a Nice Day to Walk

I'm a tired and a little sore blogger tonight. 
This morning my daughter and I participated in a five mile walk for MS (multiple sclerosis) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The group I advise at school not only volunteers to man water stops at this event but we had a walking team too. The kids raised over $1500 which is excellent. 
One of my work friends also has this disease so there was a bunch of staff members taking the walk  today. I got to do a lot of catching up done since we got to chat while we walked, and it was great to get so much exercise too.
We're ready. I snapped a few shots as we walked. They aren't the greatest, because I was walking as I snapped.
Can you make out all the people walking way down on the left said of the road.? Not sure how many people walked but I bet it was at least a few hundred.

We didn't have team shirts but some teams did.
And we followed the orange signs. First we walked into downtown, and then we walked out in the suburban areas and then we walked back into town.

 We got a cool view of the bridge which crosses the river into Maine.
 And I really like this clock.
 And there were some Easter and spring cheer at shop windows. I think I need to go downtown someday after work and do a little window shopping. I just didn't have time to take any window photos.

 But I did manage to snap a photo of this arty table which was in a window. 

 After the walk my daughter and I went out and had sandwiches for lunch.
The French fries were so delicious I took most of my sandwich home for tomorrow and ate fries.
 Then we went shopping. It was a lot of fun, even if I did spend more money than I planned on. :) 
So between walking for MS and walking around shopping, I got to highest count ever on my Fitbit. It might not be the most I ever walked in my life, but I am impressed with myself. Usually I manage around 10,000 steps (a little more or a little less) a day. 
And that's why tonight I am tired and even a little bit sore. Its that feeling you get once you sit down and actually relax. Think Its going to be an early night.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.