Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Semester Is Over

Hi everyone. Yesterday it was suppose to warm up and rain, and instead of warming up, it rained and froze. I am curious to see if our trees are still ice covered  but I need to wait for the sun to come up before I will know that. Oh this month.. It's warm, it's super cold, it's snowy, it's rainy, it's icy. It's been a fickle January for sure.
Ice or not, it's time to celebrate.

This page just didn't photograph very well, but I found this funny cat photo in a magazine and just had to use it.
These cats made me smile.
This is my latest page for Art Journal Journey and this month's  theme of New Year: New Adventure. It is meant to represent my latest life adventure which is that the first semester at school is ending today. It's been quite a journey  and time to celebrate that we made it. :) 
I think a cat party might just look like this is they weren't all wound up on catnip. 
So my page started with the magazine kitty photo. I then took a messy painted background and covered it with a Gelli printed piece of deli wrap paper.  After  I used a paper punch and made the corners a little prettier than right angles, I attached this to some dark purple paper. The yellow and silver tape makes it a bit 1980's, but the kittie's in these old school 3D glasses look a little retro.
 Finally I used some foamy yellow letters and some little sparkly gemstones.
A cat party would be an adventure, wouldn't it?
Happy Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

T Stands for Pre-Game Pizza

Happy Tuesday Ladies. T Day has arrived!
For Art Journal Journey and the  New Year: New Adventures challenge, I have this lovely lady on my page offering you a mug of your favorite hot drink. You never know what juicy gossip (if you like juicy gossip that is) that might be shared or what you might find out when you have a cup of tea and friendship on T Day. And finding out something new or exciting is always an adventure.
My page began with a Gelli printed background. On white paper I used a maragine cut out and a piece of carbon paper. The inked side of the carbon paper was put face down onto the white paper, and I used a pencil to trace the woman in my magazine picture. Then I colored her with paint and markers, stencil some designs onto her shirt, added a necklace, and finally fussy cut her and added her to my page.
My penmanship isn't the greatest,  so I hope you can read it. (It says: hello my friend, sit down, relax and join me for tea (or coffee).
So this past weekend my husband, myself, my daughter and her boyfriend all went to an ice hockey game that our 2 colleges were playing. Before the game we went to a local college hangout for dinner.
What's better before a sporting event than pizza and some beer.
 Dark or light, take your pick.
 And have a slice please. There's plenty to go around.

Here's the daughter and her beau. You can also see the fancy (ha!) place we ate it. I don't think this place has changed since I was in school, and it was probably no different twenty years before that.
But it was yummy and fun was had by all.
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's Blog  and see what the T Gang has been up to. And feel free to join in the fun!
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Little Fun Rivalry

Hi everyone. It's another Monday. Where did the weekend go to?
 Some of you who stop by often might know that this past Saturday we had a little family rivalry going on.  My husband and I (we met in college) enjoy watching our college men's ice hockey team play. We both went to the University of Maine. My daughter and her boyfriend went to our rival school, the University of New Hampshire. And this past Saturday night the 2 schools ice hockey teams played each other so the 4 of us took a little road trip up to Maine to watch the game.
Now the basis of the school rivalry goes back to 1999 and something called the Border War. It's called this because our 2 teams were playing for the National College Men's Ice Hockey Championship and the 2 states are next to each other.  At the end of regular play the teams were tied, and since a championship was at hand, they had to play until someone scored. And the University of Maine scored, giving them their second National Championship. The University of New Hampshire, still waiting to get a national championship, feels cheated out of that win. This story always creates some great hockey when the 2 teams play.
We drove up early in the day as it is  a 3.5 hour trip, and that meant  my husband and I had a little time to check out how the campus had changed in the 35 years since we graduated.
Thought I would show you a few photos.
This was painted on the floor of the bookstore, which was luckily open. It meant I could get myself a new college sweatshirt.  
None of the students were back yet from winter break as the on-campus dorms were still closed, and that made the campus really quiet and empty. (They all came back yesterday for classes starting today).
Here's a few views for you.
This is called the mall, and there are lots of classroom buildings all along it. On one end is the library, which is in the photo above this one. On the other end is the fieldhouse and gym.
I love the big blue M on the fieldhouse.
And here's a few other views.

 Below is a dorm I lived in and where I met my husband.
 And here's a stairwell in the Memorial Union that I went up and down about a million times.  This is where they showed movies, had a few restaurants, a bowling alley and some other social places to hang out in between classes and studying.

So the game looked like it was a sell out. The hockey team is a big attraction for locals, alumni and students. That's Maine in the white and light blue jerseys. New Hampshire is in the dark blue.
The other exciting thing was this was the 40th anniversary weekend of Maine having a hockey game.
Although not a great photo (look at that double chin!), here's my daughter on the right and me in my 40th anniversary jersey. The hubby gave me that for Christmas. We're each wearing our teams jerseys.
So first New Hampshire scored, and then Maine scored.  And then New Hampshire scored, and then Maine scored. One more time. New Hampshire scored, and then Maine scored. Final regular play score was 3-3.
So just like the national championship game in 1999, with the tie it meant we had to go into overtime. Because it is just a regular game,  overtime lasts no longer than 5 minutes or until the first team scores. The crowd was going crazy. Since we were in Maine, most of the crowd was cheering for Maine. We had 5 minutes to see who could score, and if not, then the game would end a tie.
Maine skated down towards the New Hampshire net, and then New Hampshire skated down towards the Maine net. Back and forth. Shots were hit, and the goalies were protecting their nets doing their jobs trying to keep the pucks out.
The 5 minute buzzer went off, and no one had scored!
Unlike last year, when New Hampshire won, this year it was a tie. Better than a loss, but at least no one could boast.
And it was a good game and fun was had by the 4 of us.
But a tie seems a little anticlimactic. :)

And I also have another page for Art Journal Journey and this month's challenge New Year: New Adventure.  This page has nothing to do with hockey.

Today's adventure is something I think most of us have considered at some point, changing how we look.

I painted the face and added all these little face sticker bubbles that I won over at Tag Tuesday. Aren't they great little faces? They inspired me to make this page.
One thing I still don't feel comfortable doing and that I want to practice this year is drawing faces! So that is my arty adventure.

So I have a busy week ahead. Today I told one of the teacher's I work with I would go with her to the wake for one of our students who died in a tragic sledding accident last week. I'm not looking forward to that, but I had him in class a few years ago and I have his girlfriend right now so I guess it's good to go. Besides, I know my friend wants someone to go with her, so more than anything it's good to  be a friend and go with her.
Plus this week I have end of class exams and a few other things going on. Good thing I have enough pages already made for posting to Art Journal Journey because I don't think I am going to have a lot of time to play. :(

Thanks for visiting today. Hope I didn't bore anyone.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mood Du Jour

Hi everyone. This is a pre-post since I am up in Maine and on my way home today. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the good or bad news about our hockey team.
So I created this page in a little different style for me. The background is just a page I used up some extra paint on, which is why it might look a little messy. The focus is really on the center image. Once the  paint dried I used a stencil and some white paint to create this art deco image. Then I added the orange flowers which are actually skins that I made by painting the flowers on Yupo paper and then covering them with gloss gel medium. Once dry they can be peeled off and used. 
The lady is a stamped image that I fussy cut and colored. Then there's a lot of TH paper cuts, as well as a few little sticky craft gemstones.
Making pages out of my normal style is certainly an art adventure, so once again, I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. I am hostessing this month and I hope to post every day this month. So far so good.
If you are having any art adventures or any other adventures, please join in the fun.Our theme this month is New Year: New Adventures.
And BIG THANKS to all of you who have joined us already.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Road Trip Adventure

Hi everyone. It is Saturday, and I am going on a road trip.
Today the hubby and I  are going for a 3+ hour ride north into Maine. The hubby and I met at the University of Maine where we went to college, and we like to follow the hockey team from our alma mater. Tonight the hockey team is playing our rival school, the University of New Hampshire.
Now I live in New Hampshire, and that's where my daughter went to college. It's also where she met the guy in her life. So to make this road trip even more fun, they are coming along also for a little family rivalry.
Since the game isn't until 7 PM tonight, we are staying at a hotel tonight.  I am excited for a little change of scenery and even more so, it is supposed to be fairly warm so there should be no snow. The last two times (in 2016) we went up for a game we got a lot of snow which made the drive home a little treacherous.
So my page today is us on the road. It's my view driving and looking out the front windshield. I hope you can tell that. I added the blue bear paw sticker since our school team is the Black Bears and our colors are blue and white. I also wanted to make the snow more snow like and fluffy, so I used some used dryer sheets on the that area of the page, and then white paint. You can kind of see the effect if you look closely at the snow.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and this month's theme of New Year: New Adventures.

Thanks for visiting. 

And I have to add-😉- Go Maine!

Friday, January 19, 2018


Hi everyone.  
Here's a background I made that I like, but I don't know what to do with this page. Maybe it's a finished page. Maybe I should cut it up and use bits of it for something else. That's the adventure that sometimes happens in this art making fun. You just get stuck.
I used the orange paint and a stencil to make the basic background, and then after that, I just set to work coloring and doodling. Sometime after work doodling and coloring is all my brain is able to do.
I'd love to have a tile wall or a rug that looks like this. I don't know if it would work in my house, but I would still love it.
I am linking up my pattern background to Art Journal Journey and this month's challenge of New Year: New Adventures.
So yesterday my husband had to be out of his office on business, and he called me on his way home. I was actually 15 minutes ahead of him, still driving home from work. So we decided to meet at a new restaurant for an early dinner. It was just a burger place, nothing fancy, and it is in the same strip mall where Hobby Lobby is. Since I had 15 minutes to kill until he arrived, I decided I might as walk through Hobby Lobby. Not to shop, but to get some exercise.  (Really, for exercise).
So when I went into the store I headed for the back left corner.  Yes it is where all the paper crafts and mixed media supplies are. But it is also the clearance wall. And as I browsed the clearance wall I saw all kind of bargains!
 I don't know if you can read the yellow price tags on these items, but there are Liquitex paint pens for $3.49, stickers between 29 cents and up to $1.44. Those $1.44 stickers are those huge letters on the left of the photo. I even got a Sizzix card die for $2.50.
Anyhow I spend $16.00 for this whole stash. It was a pretty exciting find. :)

So it is Friday!
Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day

Yesterday we had some snow, and school was cancelled. We didn't have a lot of snow, but enough. The day was grey and the ground went back to being white.

 When I went out to shovel the dogs came with me. They were so excited about going out and the snow they had to have some play right where I wanted to shovel.

Silly dogs.
I had a very productive artsy morning first. Sometime you sit down and page after page just happen. I guess my muse didn't want to be out in the snow (unlike the dogs) and was happy inside with me.. :)
The lack of colors outside yesterday inspired me to use some bold bright colors.
I made this colorful and funky background using paint and stamps. There was no pre-thought in mind when I started, and I loved what happened. I need to do this more often.
Once I had all the color I put some white paint in the middle and stamped this phrase I had. Then I added a few sequins just to give it a little sparkle.
This is my colorful adventure for the day, so I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. This month's challenge is New Year: New Adventure.There's still time to join in, so have an arty adventure and link up. :) And thanks to those of you who have joined the fun already.
So school is back in session today, and since I had Monday off for a holiday, this is going to be one short and fast week.
Hope your week so far has been  full of color!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Stir It Up

Adventure:an exciting or remarkable experience 

January is usually a quiet month for me, and that has been mostly true so far this year. I go to work, I come home, I run a few errands. I miss being outside on a sunny day. I put biobricks on the woodstove. I shovel a little bit.(I will be doing some of that later today.)  My adventures have been with color and media and images and also vicariously as I watch TV and read.
If I went by this dictionary definition I could say I haven't had any adventures at all.
But I like the word adventure and I like to think that I have a little adventures every day. My adventures may not excite anyone but me, but I am not looking to excite the world.
But I ask myself, could I do something more?
Part of me thinks we all need a little winter to recharge and regroup. A little hibernation time to not do anything except sit on the couch and let  plans and dreams form. Life is busy, even in this quiet month. With all the darkness and the cold it feel good just to sit inside and enjoy being a homebody. But part of me thinks I should just shake off my hibernation mode and go for IT. I'm not sure what IT is, but I'm sure I could find something. 
So is it time to stir things up a bit? Find a winter adventure? Something that makes life a little less routine?
That's the idea behind my page today. I used a Gelli printed page and  added torn up bits of a printed recipe and some printed tissue paper. Then I painted wooden spoons.I finished off the page with some foamy letters and also some stapled twine along the edges.
I hope you are having lots of  adventures this month, (little or big) and join us over at Art Journal Journey. I am linking up to the current theme New Year-New Adventures.
And today  the adventure is more snow.  Augh!
I guess that's the type of adventure that should be expected in January. :)
Thanks for dropping by. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

T Stands for Drinks

Happy T Day ladies. It's another Tuesday and in my world we have snow moving in at some point today. And like many of you, the cold is back. I hope everyone is managing to stay warm if you are in the arctic cold zone.
So first of all, for Art Journal Journey, I have some tea bag philosophy. This month I am hosting and the challenge is New Year: New Adventures.  I know a cup of tea might not be so adventurous, but sometimes the tea bags have little sayings printed on their paper tag ends and wondering what your tea bag might tell you is always a fun little adventure.

My art adventure was to use crayons and doodle these flowers, and then I painted over them with some watered down out black paint. It created an interesting background. Then I cut the tea cup and tea bag out of a magazine, and then after painting the cup white, I added the tea bag philosophies as well as the triangular banners along the tea bag string.
And now for my T Day drinks since today I have 2 to share with you.
Last Friday night my daughter came home  for part of the long weekend and we went out for some Mexican food for dinner.  Life's been pretty quiet lately so going out to dinner with my husband and my daughter was fun, and tasty too! :)
Well it was Friday, and I had just worked my first 5 day week in a long time. So while I munched down on some chips, salsa and guacamole, I had a little drink.
A margarita hit the spot and reminded me of summer.
Then I had my taco salad and a glass of water, both of which you can see here.
I hadn't had a taco salad in quite a long time also and boy did it taste good.
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T Gang is up to this week. And we'd love for you to join in also. All you need to do is link up a post showing a drink related post.
Thanks for visiting my blog also. 
Hope you have or are having a great Tuesday.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Adventure in Blue (Well Mostly)

Happy Monday from chilly New Hampshire. Our temperatures are back down into the VERY cold mode once again.
 And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all of those in the US.
My journal page today is another winter inspired page. Today's adventure is about going outside in the cold. Since it is a holiday and I don't have to go to work, and since it it also cold again, I probably won't go outside today. OK, I don't mind a little cold but I don't like it much below 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C). And since it is below 20 degrees, I will just stay inside and stoke the woodstove and make a little art.
My art adventure today was making a page that feels cold. I used this blue and white gelli printed background. Then I drew and painted the cold winter wind swirls. I also used some spray sparkle (Glitter Dust) on my background at this point. You can see the effect on the top of the page better than on the bottom, but I wanted the page to look like there was snow blowing around, which often happens on these windy winter days.
Plus my page is an adventure in blue. I have decided to try making some pages that are a little more monochromatic.
Then I added the rest of the ephemera, including a cardboard cut out star, some TH found relatives, some old postage stamps, some letter stickers and 3 felt snowflakes.
So I am linking up to the Frosty Winter theme at Moo Mania and also to the New Year: New Adventure theme at Art Journal Journey.
I hope you have some arty adventures to share with us also, even if they aren't based on cold winter days.
And thanks for visiting my blog too.
I appreciate you stopping by.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Daily Drawing Adventures

Hi everyone.  Today I have a few views from my new 2018  drawing journal to share. I decided since I  got  some confidence last year keeping a drawing journal, I needed to do another one this year. BUT, I have a new tool to use this year. The tool isn't particularly exciting, but to me the results are.
It's my new fine line Uniball Vision Micro black pen which you can see in the first drawing.
A fine line pen is something I have never really chose to use.
Until now. 
Making thin lines rather than fat lines how changed the whole feel of my pages.
Or at least I think so. :)
So here's a few pages I've recently done.

Since my drawing journal is part of my art adventure for 2018, I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and this month's theme of New Year:New Adventure. 

A fine line pen doesn't always make my drawings any more than cartoons. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. My daughter was home yesterday so I had a good day doing nothing productive except for hanging out with her. The hubby fixed some plumbing in our bathroom, so there is some picking up I need to do. And today the cold temperatures are back! Guess it will be a good day for some more arty adventures, once I clean up the repair work mess that is. :)
And with that I will close.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I always appreciate it.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oh It's the Weekend

Happy Saturday! Here is my latest page for Art Journal Journey   theme of New Year: New Adventures.
It's the weekend again and even better for some people in the US (OK like me), it is the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Three days off. :)

I am not going out dancing (though that might be fun), but the 3 day weekend is
exciting enough  I am doing the happy dance.
And the adventures I might have this weekend-the possibilities are endless. :)
Hope your weekend adventures are all good ones!

Friday, January 12, 2018

January Weather

Happy Friday everyone. This week has gone by fairly quickly, and it's almost the weekend again.
And no big Bomb Cyclone storms this week in my world. :)
For those you who don't live in my general area of the world,  the weather has warmed up from the frigid arctic temperatures and wind we had been having. In fact today it is going to be over 50 degrees (10 degrees C).  But we are suppose to get a lot of rain and it will be feel pretty raw, so even though it will be warmer it is not going to be a beautiful day. But I do hope the rain might wash away some of the snow still on my back deck and in my driveway. 
But then tomorrow the cold will return (but not as cold as last week), so we could get some ice.
This January weather is quite the adventure.
And so that is the inspiration for my page for Art Journal Journey's latest theme, New Year: New Adventures.
First I drew and colored with some crayons my giant raindrops. My background is made from spraying various blue, silver and gold inks. Then I used white paint to stamp some snowflakes, and I added 3 plastic white snowflakes too. The number stickers show some of our recent temperatures, and I used some new pastels I bought to makes the blues squiggly lines. Finally I added some blue sequins, this little phrase I pulled out of a magazine and a small paper backed thermometer I had in my stash.
And I was very pleased with new pastels  I bought.
The other day I stopped at the grocery store which is right next door to Hobby Lobby. Temptation got the better of me. But it was a good stop since I got this set of pastels on their markdown rack. The box was a bit beat up and 1 of the pastels was broken in half, but I got these pastels at 75% off.  They were even cheaper than Amazon had them.
Now I can have some arty weekend adventures with those pastels. :)
Thanks for visiting and happy Friday!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Favorite Things

Hi everyone. One way for me to escape this winter weather  was to make a mixed media journal page with flowers. Flowers are definitely one of my favorite things. And getting inspired when the temperatures were well below zero and the wind and snow were blowing was an adventure in itself. 
So I am linking up my page to Try It On Tuesday which just started their new theme of my favorite things. And I am also linking up to Art Journal Journey where the latest theme is New Year: New Adventures.
To make my page is started with this bright Gelli print from my stash. Then I draw some daises with a Sharpie.I added the white paint, and then made their centers from bits of paper tape. I outlined the flowers with a black Stabilo pencil before using a slightly wet paintbrush over that outline. Then I added some little sticky gemstones in the centers and made stems and leaves from some thin paper tape. After stamping the quote a few times, I used a piece of printed paper to make the border on the edge, I finished off the border with a black Sharpie and also some white pen makes to make the little dots in each scallop.
Here's a close up of the flowers so you can see their centers better, as well as their paper tape and stapled stems.
We are having a little warm up here so stepping outside feels good! I don't mind a little cold I just don't like deep freeze cold.
And tomorrow they say rain, not snow!
Happy day everyone.